Court bookings

Bookings are available for 40 minute sessions at

Light Meters

All 40 minute sessions require two light tokens (£5.00 per session).  These can be purchased from the bar, Mike Cox or Ken Craven.

In the event of a no-show for a booked session, the full fee is payable. Cancellations can be made on-line but if a prime time court is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and the court is not used the full fee is payable.


Outdoor footwear is NOT permissible on court, you MUST CHANGE your shoes before entering the squash court.  ONLY NON-MARKING footwear should be worn.  This is for the protection of the wooden floors.

Guest Players

Members may invite a non-member to play as a guest on a maximum of 3 occasions. Should the guest wish to play at the club more than 3 times, he/she will be obliged to become a member of the club.

Pay as You Play Available

We can offer a pay as you play option, costing £10.00 per 40 minutes.  However, as the site is not manned, please email your requirements and we will try and accommodate you.


Elaine Finnigan, Witney Junior Squash Club

Ross Gore, Coaching in Oxfordshire | Oxfordshire Squash & Racketball Association

Julie Peachey, Junior Coaches and Contacts | Oxfordshire Squash Racketball Association

Racket Stringing 

The Racket Stringer in Oxfordshire 24 Hour Service Available or less!