Carterton Squash & Racketball Club

The family friendly squash and Racketball club in Oxfordshire

Club Rules

 CLUB RULES February 2010


1)                 Only recognised non marking squash shoes are to be worn on court.

2)                 Squash shoes must not be worn outside the club.

3)                 Squash rackets must have adequate head protection to avoid marking the walls.

4)                 All guests and visitors are to be accompanied when in the club.

5)                 Guest players may play a maximum of three times a year.

6)                 All members are responsible for leaving the club tidy.

7)                 The last person out of the club must ensure all internal lights are switched off and the external door closed securely.

8)                 Junior players are not allowed in the club unless they are supervised by an adult at all times.

9)                 Junior players must wear eye protection on court.

10)            Members who book prime time courts and fail to use the court or cancel the court with less than 24hrs notice, will be liable for the cost of the court (unless there are extenuating circumstances given and accepted at the discretion of the committee).

11)            All other booking time slots should be cancelled as soon as possible if you are not going to use the court.

12)            If players are not on court 5 minutes after their booked start time, their court can be claimed by another member.  Play times are dictated by the clock on the court.

13)            When prime time slots are used in accordance with rule 12, the committee may waive the court cost penalty of rule 10.

14)            Players shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner and treat their opponent and other members with respect.

15)            Anyone caught abusing the club rules or constitution will be dealt with by the committee with suspension of membership and removal of booking and club access rights.

16)            Court bookings should only be for single courts slots and made no further than 3 weeks in advance, team matches will override any booking.

17)            The club is run by a committee; their joint decision on all matters is final.

 Copy of league rules for printing can be found HERE